My Beliefs

The kind of world we leave our children is our most important asset.

Solar energy use over the next 15 years will transform society as much as aviation did a century ago.

Renewable energy installations will change the developing world just as cellphone systems already have.

Our global problems will be met by globally-oriented companies that have strong international relationships

 -clean energy

 -clean water

-healthy food

-preventive healthcare

-sustainable building


Core Values - Integrity | Social Values | Client Choice

Early in my career I was part of the sales force of a national financial services firm. My days were filled with client appointments, sales meetings and rah-rah sessions meant to motivate. I was building a successful career, but I was sick inside. Surely there had to be others in the financial services industry who believed, as I did, that money and social impact could and should be intertwined. Integration of values in my work was something I was not willing to give up, so I quit and looked around for a firm that would not just tolerate my social values but would embrace them.

In late 1989, I joined First Affirmative Financial Network, a Colorado Springs startup firm specializing in social investing. The competitive sales-driven atmosphere I had known was replaced by a cooperative client-centered atmosphere. I could build my business without sacrificing my own personal values. I had found a home.

The decade of the 90's turned out to be an exciting time to be involved with social investing. New products, academic research, and initiatives in shareholder activism and community investing gathered steam. My own practice grew along with the entire movement.

It soon became clear that the clients I seemed to attract were those who wanted a more personal approach to investing than mutual funds allowed. Increasingly I was finding individuals who wanted to add stocks of alternative energy or natural food companies to their portfolios of mutual funds. Many of these investors had very strict social screens that could not be met by traditional SRI-screened mutual funds. The personal approach I offered to those early clients of research and money management services became my life's work. I love what I do and know that it makes a difference.

I believe that the problems associated with poor water quality, reliance on fossil fuels, poor nutrition and an overly drug-prescribed population are problems with solutions. I search out companies whose goal is to impact those problems and create a beneficial social footprint.

Professional Affiliations

I am a member of First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC (FAFN). Securities offered through Portfolio Resources Group, Inc., member FINRA, SIPC, MSRB, SIFMA. OSJ (or Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) – 800 Brickell Ave Ste 903 Miami FL 33131 (305)372-0299

Education and Experience

I hold a General Securities Registration (Series 7), Registered Principal's Registration (Series 24). I received a Bachelor's in Education 1975 (University of Arizona) and Masters in Education 1978 (University of Arizona). I have managed social client portfolios since 1989 and since 2003 have been the portfolio manager for First Affirmative's Generation High Impact folio.

High Impact Investments® is an experienced, commited investment firm that will help you meet your goals while making a difference.